Thursday 16 April 2015

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Thank you so much for all the support as I've really enjoyed writing this blog.

I'm now onto ventures new, still in Weddings but branching off in to other areas too and just can't find the time I need to give to.

Please use this blog as reference for Bristol Based weddings and beyond.

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Thursday 20 November 2014

I'm back!..

Hello, I've caught my breath and can blog at last!...

First I thought I would do an Instagram of 2014 Weddings and the reason I've been keep away from my blog!..

Venues pictured below are: Paintworks :Kings Weston House :Coombe Trenchard










Sunday 6 July 2014

Till Fall.....

Hi, Summer is upon us and I'm at the hight of Wedding Season! As I'm incredibly busy I'm logging off till Fall....

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you want my help with a wedding by email - or if you want to hire my vintage chair sashes at - The Vintage Sash Company please email -

If wanting to marry at Kings Weston House please get in touch with the Owner - Norman Routledge - 07733 101520 who will be delighted to show you around.

Saturday 31 May 2014

The Hen House....

Don't fancy a rave up in Brighton! but prefer a weekend spent cocktail making, burlesque dancing, enjoying a afternoon tea or dipping in a hot tub, then I think I may have found the PERFECT place for you..

Just 45mins from Bristol, near the pretty town of Ross On Wye 'Mill End' at Mitcheldean has a whole host of options to cater for hen parties. 

I visited over Easter and completly fell in love with the place. Including the house's cat Nancy!..  Everywhere I looked the house is adorned with quirky art work. The fridges with local produce (including wine) and has a fantastic sense of a home away from home. Everything is very clearly thought out and I doubt you'll find this level of detail in another 'Hen House' 

Some of my favorite options for 'Hens'  -

A banquet in the barn (Mad hatter tea party looks fab too)

Burlesque dancing

Cocktail making or baking

Drinking bubbles in the hot tub & beautiful garden!

Boudoir photo shoot or photo booth with all your hens

Murder Mystery (I'd love to do this)

We found the co-op across the road useful and visited Puzzlewood (crazy looking forest, that I belive they filmed some of Lord of the Rings in) Ross on Wye (great second hand shopping) and a butterfly farm.. I noticed loads of activites to do in the Forest of Dean that would be great for group parties. They had cycle paths, canoeing, Go Ape, walks etc.. A fantastic area, that I will be visting again!.. 

The website is very, very helpful and if looking for a 'Hen House' this is a no brainer... 

This is a collection of photo's I took while at the house -