Wednesday, 28 September 2011

 When I was asked to think of table centres for a wedding couple, my immediate response was plants! When this was turned down as they really wanted flowers... I started to think instead of me going out to buy vases what containers did I have? Tin cans! How could I possibly turn a tomato tin in to something good enough for a wedding... Well I did and here is how I did it...

I collected as many different sized tins as I could, including tea tins and bottles...

I then covered them in old wrapping paper and used spray mount to stick them on. I often seem to accumulate a lot of ribbon in my job, so I dug some out and wrapped this around also..

Dun..ah...the finished product!

And on the tables for the day..

Flowers by Edward Allen

Since, I have discovered a few people using cans for flowers and food but these must be my favorite to date!

Happy recycling..

Friday, 16 September 2011


To some the photographs say it all, to others it's just the memory that counts but no one can deni that a photograph helps jog that memory!

Wedding photographers like all things wedding has moved into a whole new dimension. Gone are the days of hours after the service, of family standing outside the church in various groups. Photographing your guests of course still happens but more couples op for natural shots or photographs at the reception so the guests can enjoy some nibbles and bubbly in between pictures.
Photographers also now offer engagement shoots, pre wedding shoots, trash the dress shoots, anniversary shoots etc.

Photograph courtesy of Zahir Photography

I've seen the same venue photographed over 10 times and not one photographer has replicated another. It always delights me to see how different they are going to make it!

When thinking about who to choose, think about your style. Are you smart or casual, do you want formal or in-formal? Is the wedding going to be retro? Vintage? Modern? classic? Can the photographer capture this style?

Photograph courtesy of Howard Photography

There are a lot of wedding photographers out there but with good research you will find one that suits.
See if they write a blog and you like the style of their writing and pictures. This reflects their personality and it's key that you like everyone your paying money too!
If cost is an issue look for someone who is just starting up. They will be very keen to please and will really listen to what you have to say.
My husbands cousin recently was married and had a near zero balance to put the wedding on. Of course I pulled in lots of favours and all the family members helped where we could but no photographers alas! So she contacted her local uni and found a guy who was willing to shoot the wedding for free in exchange of the experience. This was great for her and him and she was delighted with the pictures.

Amber from Zahir photography has these words of wisdom -

when looking for a photographer I would recommend a few things:

- check whether the photos on their web page are staged with models or taken at real weddings
- talk to the photographer and get to know them to see if they would fit in at the wedding, there is nothing worse than a bossy wedding photographer
- ask the photographer for a list of general shots they take at weddings and make sure the photographer will take any extra photos you want on the day
- ask the photographer why they are different than any other wedding photographer
- get a contract with your photographer and make sure that if your photographer can not make it for what ever reason they will find a replacement!!

Photograph courtesy of Zahir photography

These are some of my favourite wedding photographers that cover the west

Rosie Parsons
Zahir Photography
Lizzy May
Documentary Image
Howard Photography
Sam Clayton Photography
Max McClure

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Wooden heart favors and lace cup cakes....

Kate and Phil were so wonderful to work with. Kate's style is very classic and we created her wedding's style around her beautiful lace dress. She made all her guests favors by using a fire pen and wooden hearts! 

They used Queens Park square in central Bristol for her family portraits which is surrounded with large Oak trees and beautiful Georgian buildings. 

As always lots of local suppliers were used, showing what a fantastic forward thinking Wedding lot us West country folk are!

Details are as follows