Wednesday, 28 September 2011

 When I was asked to think of table centres for a wedding couple, my immediate response was plants! When this was turned down as they really wanted flowers... I started to think instead of me going out to buy vases what containers did I have? Tin cans! How could I possibly turn a tomato tin in to something good enough for a wedding... Well I did and here is how I did it...

I collected as many different sized tins as I could, including tea tins and bottles...

I then covered them in old wrapping paper and used spray mount to stick them on. I often seem to accumulate a lot of ribbon in my job, so I dug some out and wrapped this around also..

Dun..ah...the finished product!

And on the tables for the day..

Flowers by Edward Allen

Since, I have discovered a few people using cans for flowers and food but these must be my favorite to date!

Happy recycling..

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