Friday, 20 December 2013

Kings Weston House 1st Wedding

I trust everyone is getting very excited about Christmas and their 2014 weddings? 

Quick check list for 2014 wedding

Registrar booked
Venue booked
Catering booked
An idea of food you would like served
A 'sort of' timeline written out
A 'sort of' costs written out
Dress sorted or an idea at least
Bridesmaids outfits sort of sorted
Photographer booked (If still unsure, next blog on Bristol Photographers)
Florist booked 
Think about wedding rings
Think about grooms outfits
Think about Cake
Book transport 
Book hotels
Book hairdresser
Book Make up artist
Sent out Save the dates
Send out Invitations
Sort out day/night guest list
Start looking at table plan
Start thinking about table decorations
Start  thinking about guest book/extras etc.

Now I really am so excited to share this with you!.... The very 1st Wedding at Kings Weston House!..

I was going through the photo's and I can't edit them down any more.. So lucky you lots for you to look at and you will see why.. They are all so AH... Mazing...  and this was on a cold December day with not much light.. Can't wait for next year!... CAN NOT WAIT!.... xx

Date - Friday 13th December

Who - Kate and Eddie

Describe in 3 words - Fun, Fabulous and Colourful

Very Clever Photography by - Kevin Belson