Monday, 26 December 2011

What Music Shall I have at my wedding?

Ok, so you're getting married. You have planned where you are getting married, what time, your dress, your flowers, your cake, to whom!
What music do you fancy! The choice is endless!...Bands..Do make sure that someone you know or yourselves have seen the band live. I have seen many times wedding bands that sound good on their site but terrible live. I also suggest that you give them a soft drink tab only. A lot of bands I have seen sound good to start but soon get drunk and misbehave! Bands charge a lot of money and I think it's very unprofessional! You won't see your wedding planner drunk and you would hope that your other suppliers wont be drunk either! Any one for a wonky cake?Some west wedding bands I can suggest are -

I also love a touch of the nostalgic at a wedding. This can roll over to your music too -

These ladies provide fun and incredible presence at any event!

Shellac sound system provide amazing old school music via grammar phones!

The Dixie bells sing in beautiful harmony

The Dixie Belles 07789548420


I love a great DJ and the most up to date ones are when they have web sites that you can keep adding to your wedding playlist online. You can also request any song on the night and they'll play it! Brilliant! Any really good DJ may cost a little more but I do think it's worth it. When I have to deal with DJs that really do not care about what they are doing anymore it really annoys me as I feel my brides and grooms are not getting a good deal. They will only drop equipment when it suits them. They huff and puff if they have to put equipment upstairs. Their equipment and sound quality is often poor and dated. if it's cheese or slick sounds these south west DJs are great

The Wedding DJ's 

During the Ceremony I do really love live music. It always works so much better as you don't have the worry of the recording getting jammed or the wrong song playing! 
Pianists, guitarists, singers, harpists, quartets! I think they are all beautiful but you have to consider your personnel favorite style and what suits the venue. Church wedding? Organ it is! 
Manor houses suit String and Harp instruments.
Outdoor venues require music that's a little louder. Jazz band maybe?
Quirky venues can hold live singers well.
Always ask around the office or family? I would say 60% of the weddings I organise have people they know or guests play and it works really well!

Here are some South West musicians I rate really highly

The Bath Spa String Quartet

Mark Barnwell, Spanish guitarist 

Topaz Harpist and Violinist Duo