Monday, 20 February 2012

Classic Christmas Wedding

This beautiful wedding took place in December last year at riverstation. 

At first look at the traditional Christmas center pieces and dark red colours, I was unsure that they would work in such a contempory venue but I was wrong! Very wrong! It looked simple, classic, traditional, right for the time of year and stunning! 

Nikki has a great eye and her attention for detail shinned through. I loved every meeting with her, aways a big smile and loads of ideas to work with.

Ceremony - St. Mary Recliff Church, Bristol
Wedding CoOrdination - Michele Jetzer

Thursday, 2 February 2012

How shall I get to the church on time?

I love classic cars! Haynes museum of cars has always inspired me.. I can see myself now as Grace Kelly in 'To catch a thief' honeymooning in the the south if France, with my new husband and the wind in my hair.  

I guess how important Wedding transport is, is how it fits in with your wedding day. Some people use transport as their special time together away from everyone else and take a mini trip in it. Some people use a fancy car to drive to a specific location for photos. Lots of people use transport just as a means to get to their location! 

I would choose a car to fit with my theme. I love 1950's cars and think if I did get married in this country I would of definitely gone with a 50's car to go with a 50's dress and go on location to a diner for pics!.. 

Please find this list of transport for the Bristol bride. 

Cars -  
England finest cars

Photo by Simon Barns
Karma cars -

Camper vans -

Bikes, rickshaws -  
Pedal walla 

Boats -  
Bristol packet 

Buses - 
London bus bristol

Horse and Carriage - 

Out of Bristol

Of course all of these wonderful travel means are great but if you are on a tight budget a friend with a large car, tied with ribbon, can also look just as glam!