Thursday, 21 April 2011

The invitation is the first impression a guest gets of your special day.  Classically invitations would be sent by the brides parents and would usually be on white or ivory paper saying we accordingly invite you, etc... but now with so many of us organising our own weddings and being design savvy there are a whole host of options to suit every budget.

Classic invite pic taken from Weddingspot
There are stationers that will not only design your invites but style the whole theme of your wedding and dress your reception too. There are stationers that will design your save the date cards, invites, rsvps, place cards, menus and table plans! There are also many on line design your own invite companies and lots of dIY stationary tips. 
The choice is endless!
So how do you choose?  
If design is your thing and you have a little money to throw at invites then visit someone like Archibald Edwards to guide you every step of the way. You can visit them in their delightful cottage where you can sit and drink tea while some designs are drawn up on the spot for you.  
Ditsy chic have a fab selection of design savvy invites. I particularly like the wedding passport invites. Great for abroad weddings or if your throwing a wedding party on return from your big day!

If budget is a concern there are a few low budget options. The cheapest is at no cost at all! Getting married let you do online invitations that you can build in your own time and all you have to do is email your friends and family the link. Don't think that they look awful either, they don't.. They have some beautiful designs to choose from and you could wow your guests with your 21st century invitations. This is a great example -
I would suggest if on a low budget you go for classic design rather than a bold print, as on cheap paper they can look tacky. Vista prints is a great website that you can create your own invites and has hundreds of designs. 
Another option if on a low budget is to make your own stationery. I did for my wedding party! I took a photo I had taken and had lots of copies made then stuck them to the front of some blank cards. I then tied a ribbon around the edge and had a ink stamp saying 'lets celebrate' stamped on the front!  You tube has some good step by step instructions on how to make your own invites very simply or why not print out your invitation on coloured paper and make it into origami?

Here are some great british wedding stationery companies I adore...
Hummingbird Card Company
Emily Golden 
In the treehouse
Inky ever after

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