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At this point it maybe a great idea to think about your theme. I guess you will already have an idea of what style you are after by the type of venue, invitations and dress you have looked into?... 

A great way of getting all your ideas together is by doing a mood board. You can then take this around suppliers and show them what you are after. In my wedding workshops we make mood boards a4 size. It's then easy to carry around. 

You can also do online mood boards. Style me pretty is a great website to try this out or visit Snippet and Ink for truly beautiful samples of the very best wedding mood boards I have ever seen.

If you're not very creative, why not get a professional to help? Most wedding planners will run through themes with you and venue stylists are mind blowing with coming up with bespoke ideas. 

Make sure you get someone who clearly knows what they are doing though. They should have a good website with a great gallery. I recently saw an event where the country theme was rather like a child's circus theme! Eek.. 

One of the best venue stylists in the South West is The Little Wedding Helper. 

Kirsten says - 
Some styling tips for personalising your day...
a theme can help you focus on a look for your wedding. Pick a style that reflects you both as a couple and layering your celebration with details that show this. You may have different styles but this is about thinking about how you describe your relationship. Will your guests recognise certain elements of the wedding as 'very them' or just recognise your reception from different magazines?

Whatever the theme or colour, it's the personal touches that really make it feel special. Think about adding old family wedding photographs, handwritten notes for each guests on their place setting, personalised homemade favours or naming each table after places you have visited together during your courting days! Family members are usually keen to help so if there is a family member who is great with the sewing machine - bunting! Great baking skills? Cupcakes or a selection of puddings! One couple that I worked with were both teachers and so they had a little quiz for each table on who knew them the best! Answers were written on mini blackboards & personalised stickers were printed for guests who got the correct answer!

Photo's above styled by The Little Wedding Helper and photographed by Jo Handsford photography and Howard photography

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