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The Wedding Players

A guest post from the amazing Wedding Players about wedding music today...

Wedding Music Selection l Your Wedding l Your Music (by Lee Probert, MD of The Wedding Players)

Music is such a big part of a Wedding Evening Party, getting it right is crucial to setting the right atmosphere for you. We encourage at the outset for our Couples to consider two main things when planning a Playlist:

1 - Their Guest s 2 - How they visualise their Party in their mind

Guests could be: Family, Friends, University friends, Work Colleagues, Children, Senior Family members.
They could be from different parts of the Country, or overseas; and many of these guests have not seen each other (or the happy couple) for a long time!

Visualise the evening party - how do you imagine the night to be – which guests are likely to be doing what and when – plan with that in mind.

Things to consider:
How many songs / pieces of music should be supplied to the DJ?
We would suggest that a list of up to 40 songs is ideal.
Why? Most Evening parties are 4.5 hrs. 40 Songs takes up 3 hours. You then have 1.5 hours left for:

  • -  Guest Requests – then this could be 45 minutes worth easily. (Just 10 songs!)
  • -  Requests from you, that you remember on the night, even 3 or 4 is another 15 mins!
  • -  Early on – ‘warm up’ or background music. This could be 1⁄2 hour to an 1 hour quite easily
  • -  The DJ to use his experience to add songs that compliment your selection – suitable big tunes that help hold the
    party together
    When you consider this – you then get a well balanced evening – where all your favourites get played, the guests are kept happy, and the DJ has the chance to use his knowledge to surprise you, read the mood, and help the flow of the evening. 

  • Ideas to help you
    Early evening:
    Instrumental, lower volume music may be more appropriate, as people talk, catch-up, get to know each other for the first time.
    Music for the little ones for half an hour or so may help their parents have a break, so they can have a talk with you and your other guests. However – we have found that children will dance to ‘grown up’ music – so don’t feel you have to play nursery rhymes!!
    Senior Guests:
    Weddings are always special to older guests – it doesn’t hurt to include suitable music to remind some of the older guests of their younger days may be a nice touch towards the begging of the evening, as often senior guest retire early. As with children, the volume of music should be such not to make them feel uncomfortable.
    The latter part of the night:
    Often the most popular time on the dancefloor!
    Maybe choose music that you know those guests (still there) will love – those student or school memories – when those friends share the dancefloor with you!
    Other Ideas: 
  • Do you want guests to request songs? Or do you want the DJ to stick to your list? An element of both usually works best
First Dance (Extension!)
We’ve recently seen an increase in Couple’s requesting a few extra ‘love / slow’ songs after their first dance – a chance for other couples to have a close dance with a loved one?
‘Request hours’
An idea we took from a Bride – play our playlist, but have a ‘request hour’ where all the guests can have a say also? – Quite a good idea we thought.
Your Venue
Certain factors will influence a party, the music and when people tend to want to dance.
A venue with an Outside area in the summer for example will usually mean guests will come into the party room a lot later than they would in winter. This is worth bearing in mind when planning your music.

1st Dance
What time is your first dance? Often the party doesn’t really get started until after the 1st dance

In Summary
Think about your Guests and whether you’d like to incorporate ideas that are relevant for your guests, the different ‘parts’ of the evening – and most importantly – what you are happy with.
Speak with the DJ Companies you are considering– find out if they will accommodate your ideas – and indeed ask them if they can help you with ideas.
Plan early – keep a notebook handy, and as music and song ideas come into your head – scribble them down (even if a year to go before the wedding); this will be much better than rushing to think of ideas during those frantic last few weeks to the big day.
Like anything, planning the music will help with the success of your party – and can be lots of fun as a couple spending a few evenings going through your music collection.

Good Luck!

Lee Probert (The Wedding Players) Summer 2012 

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