Sunday, 6 February 2011


Your first question when planning your wedding should always be 'What's my budget?'

I always start by putting everything you may want into the budget, then once you get the shock of the total, that's when you go back in and narrow your selection to high street shoes for the bridesmaids instead of bespoke handmade Italian ones...

I think it's always the smaller items that get over looked at first that can add to the budget last minute. Tea and coffee is often missed or children's favours etc. 

You must be very realistic about how much things cost too. I spoke with a bride recently that has a wedding in a large cathedral, sit down meal for 100 and after party for 150 and her flower budget is £70. There are certainly ways of cutting your flower costs down but this is extreme. 

Look at useful cost guidelines and advise on sites such as these - 

The Wedding Community

The Budget Savvy Bride

Pocketful of dreams

Please be aware that wedding website's do have their on ideas on how much things cost and they don't match with reality. Always get three quotes from suppliers but remember the cheapest is not always best but sometimes can be. Read testimonials and go with your gut feeling.

Budget sheets are great but doing on paper can mean alot of rubbing out, so I suggest an online budget planner. Microsoft excel is great as it works out the total as you go along and you can make it work out price per head. 

The Wedding community is a great website with loads of useful info. and wedding budget tools to help you with your finance.
If you have skills in your family then do use them. This normally includes Aunties that can make cakes, cousin's in design to do your stationary or a brother that's a DJ. If your not sure though, get in an expert =)


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