Saturday, 12 February 2011

Are you a winter person? or a Summer person? Do you love fall? Or could think of nothing nicer than primroses and daff's? After you have an idea of how much you can spend, next is to think when do I want to spend it?

Perhaps your love of easter eggs may influence your wedding?

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Or Summertime ice cream?

Picture taken from Greenweddingshoes

Lodges in Scotland and guests sipping whiskey around a large roaring fire during fall....

Picture taken from rocknrollbride

Or love the chill of winter...

Season can also determine costs. If looking at a restaurant venue, August rather than December is going to be cheaper. A barn is of course most popular during summer months. Hotels are busy over Christmas and prices can rise high. October/February is normally quiet for all venues and deals can normally be made.
If looking abroad, make sure the first thing you do is check climate as you don't want monsoon rain or fainting at the alter due to heat!....

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