Thursday, 17 February 2011


If you wish to marry in England or Wales you have a few options.

If you would like a religious ceremony this must take place in a place of worship that has been registered. You can't hold a religious ceremony on a premises authorised for civil ceremonies. Or, if you wish to have a civil ceremony, you can do this at any register office or approved premises that has been granted a licence and vice versa you cannot have religious ceremonies at these premises.

Unfortunately you can't get married outside in this country, unless it’s under a permanent structure. Although this can be a gazebo. If this totally ruins your idea of getting married in a forest, beach or middle of a field, you can have the legals done in a reg. office and then do a humanist ceremony performed by a celebrant.

A beautiful outside gazebo to marry under, that is as near to nature as you can get, is at Gants Mill

Once you’ve chosen a venue, see if they have the date you want available, then ask if they can provisionally hold it while you visit the reg. office. Most venues should be happy to hold a date for a week or so, if you show you are serious.

You must then visit the reg. office and 'give notice'. This is a legal statement you must give in the district you live and they charge a fee for doing so. Visit your local reg. office to find out fees as they vary. You must then wait 16 days before the marriage can take place.

Documents they require are a valid passport and something to show proof of address, such as a utility bill. Divorce papers if applicable or if you have been widowed a death certificate.

Let the venue know the time you have agreed with the reg. office to perform the ceremony and on the day you have the choice of seeing the registrar together or separately.

Make sure you’re sober too. One too many glasses of Champagne and they may refuse to marry you!!...

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